Leather Jackets

Within the Alpha Industries leather coat collection, we may both find original sheepskin flight jackets, and synthetic leather bomber jackets. All leather jackets are soft to the touch, have a strong water repellent surface and can be dry-cleaned. A few models are complemented with fur padding which resists cold, wet weather, serves well during field work, and are also suitable for motorcycling. The quality of the original sheepskin B3 flight jacket is guaranteed by the fact that the pilots of bomber planes at the U.S. Air Force wear the same models, too. Wearing this clothing we may experience the positive characteristics of natural leather, since all coats of this kind ventilate well, are water-resistant and very durable, serving its owner for long years to come. The artificial leather models also bear similarly positive features. Thanks to modern technology, we can experience the same sensation as with the original leather products at a reduced price. Choose one from Alpha leather jackets and it is going to become one of your favourite piece of clothing whichever model you select. 

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