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Alpha Industries has been providing for the US Army with quality clothing since 1959. As the company’s military orders declined after the Vietnam War, the owners decided to sell the redundant stock. They made such a success with this move that they realized they must open towards the civil market, as well. As a result, the premium quality Alpha collections have become accessible to anyone since 1980. Several American film celebrities have worn Alpha models in movies and real life, too. For instance, Robert de Niro wore an M65 field jacket in the film ’Taxi Driver’, and a few years later Sylvester Stallone did the same as ’Rambo’. The complete product scale of Alpha Industries is a good choice for those preferring the military look. As one of the largest military supplier, we have to meet the strictest requirements during the manufacturing process in order to secure the quality of the heavy-duty wear in the long run.


Sniper Streetwear